SPARK ONE Is Your Complete Resource.

Start successfully preparing for the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine (FPHM) exam, or assessing your general knowledge in hospital medicine. This self-paced study guide engages learners through an open-book format, allowing users to review detailed learning objectives and discussion points, and define individual areas of strengths and weaknesses.

SPARK ONE allows you to:

Identify Knowledge Gaps

The SPARK ONE Self-study allows users to analyze clinical vignettes and select the single best answer, view detailed rationale for each answer option and review a list of current citations for further learning.

See How You Compare to Peers

Users are shown real-time statistics on how their peers answered as they progress through the self-study. See how your answers are stacking up to those of your peers.

Create Mini Quizzes

Click on Practice Exams to create mini quizzes, which can be used as pre-tests or post-tests. Practice exams allow you to test your knowledge, in a format that works for you.

Get the Rationale for Missed Answers

Missed a question? Understand why. SPARK ONE provides a detailed Explanation section to help you effectively close educational gaps.

Go at Your Own Pace

SPARK ONE is an online activity that allows users to start and stop content review on their own time. Use the self-study tool, create custom mini quizzes, and earn CME credits and MOC points all at your convenience.